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5 best cafés to try in Malacca

The past few years have seen Malacca evolve from a sleepy Malaysian coastal town into a bustling, world-class UNESCO World Heritage site. Stroll by the Malacca River, and you will find its banks lined with 17th century shophouses painted with trendy colourful murals — an example of the city’s perfect blend of the old and new.

Along with its evolution comes a thriving café and bar scene. While Malacca has always been known for its delicious cuisine, where you’ll find a mix of Peranakan, Kristang and Malaysian food, the scene has really taken off over the past few years — with themed cafés, hip bars and stylish restaurants sprouting up all over the seaside city.

While Jonker Street, the Chinatown of Malacca, used to be bustling with local restaurants, many have moved out and expanded to other locations — as their original venues could not accommodate the growing number of customers. If you’re overwhelmed with the number of food choices in Malacca, we don’t blame you. From the best mille crêpes in town to the most Insta-worthy cafes, check out these eateries where you can eat to your heart’s content.

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This café chain, which operates outlets across Malaysia, is known for its decadent mille crêpes — cakes that are made with alternating layers of sponge and cream. It runs two branches in Malacca. Try the banana chocolate mille crêpe, a striking black and white layered cake with sweet banana puree, or the tiramisu variation, which is covered in tasty mascarpone cheese from Italy.

Nadeje, G-23,25,27, Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka & G-01, Bangunan Jaya 99, Block A, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100

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The Daily Fix 

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy café in Malacca, The Daily Fix is your best bet. This Australian-style eatery occupies the back of a heritage shophouse on Jonker Street and is famed for its soft and fluffy pancakes, which come in local flavours such as durian and pandan.

The Daily Fix, 55 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca.

(Image credit: @The Daily Fix Cafe)

Geographer Café

Don’t be fooled by its name — this trendy joint is more of a bar than a café. The place features striking yellow walls and green panels, and has weekly live music performances. If you’re feeling peckish, try its signature offerings such as nasi lemak or mango chicken.

Geographer Café, 83 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca.

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Nancy's Kitchen

A trip to Malacca is not complete without Peranakan food. Specialising in nyonya-style food, cookies and kueh, Nancy’s Kitchen serves up food based on recipes that have been passed down for generations. Try its kueh pie tee, which comprises a thin and crispy pastry tart shell filled with a spicy, sweet mixture of thinly sliced vegetables and prawns.

Nancy’s Kitchen, 13, 13-1, 13-2, Jalan KL 3/8, Taman Kota Laksamana, Seksyen 3 75200, Malacca.

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Calanthe Art Café

Satisfy your caffeine cravings at Calanthe Art Café, which offers coffee from all 13 states of Malaysia. The quaint eatery is also a lovely, Insta-worthy space with its lush hanging vines, and colourful paintings lining its concrete walls.

Be sure to try its Malacca coffee, a delicious brew comprising coffee beans, sugar, salt and margarine. If you’re hungry, the cafe also serves up a mean curry laksa, along with local favourites such as turmeric-tinged nasi lemak.

Calanthe Art Café, 11 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Melaka 75250, 606 292 2960

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