When thinking of a place to go for a quick tropical vacation near Singapore, Thailand is a destination that immediately springs to mind. Vibrant local markets for shopping and mouthwatering street food? Bustling Bangkok is the place to be. A base for you to explore surrounding verdant islands? Krabi is less than two hours away. Beautiful white sand beaches and limestone karst landscapes to marvel at? Phuket has got you covered.

And while the latter may feature some of the most beautiful panoramic views, its crowded beaches and tourist trap-filled streets might just take away its novelty factor. We mean, who wants to take an Instagram photo with a hundred other camera-toting travellers in the background?

However, the Land of Smiles has more cities just waiting to be discovered, which are just as beautiful but may not be the first few destinations on every visitor’s itinerary. From an ancient capital with some of the most majestic religious art and architecture to a group of islands that boasts shimmering emerald waters perfect for diving, here are 5 lesser-known, off-the-beaten-track destinations that you might want to book tickets to the next time you’re planning a vacation to Thailand.