If there’s a poster child for the quintessential tropical paradise, the Maldives has to be it. With its reputation for picture-perfect turquoise waters, heavenly soft sand beaches, and some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, does this even come as a surprise?

These factors combined with its sheer proximity to Singapore are the reasons we find ourselves coming back to the Maldives every time we’re in need of a beach vacation. However, with the myriad of luxury resorts sprouting up across the archipelago (never mind the fact that there are already over 120 existing resorts), it’s fair to say that the Maldives is no longer the untouched paradise it once was.

Thankfully, there are many other under-the-radar islands in the world that boast similar aquamarine waters and colourful coral reefs the Maldives is known for — which is a relief, especially with rumours that the latter is slowly sinking because of increasing sea levels.

So whether you want to explore new islands, get away from tourists, or simply enjoy a slice of paradise, check out these alternative beach destinations that may just be a better idea.