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5 tips to make your private jet experience even better

Flying privately can be a glamorous affair, but it can also be stressful. Not all private jets are created equal, and not all providers offer services tailor-made to your specific travelling needs. Which is precisely why we’ve put together some tips that, hopefully, will make your private jet journey a lot more enjoyable.

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Go mobile

If you’ve joked about Uber-ing a private jet, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually become a reality. Apps by Jet Smarter, Private Fly and Victor provide on-demand private jet charter and work just like Uber — you can check flights, book charters and pay via a tap of the screen. These apps will also notify you of flight confirmations, itineraries and other travel essentials, so all you have to do is UberBLACK yourself to the tarmac.

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Stay loyal

If you’re a billionaire businessman who’s always on the go, an all-you-can-fly membership could be more cost effective. California-based Surfair is offering its buffet-style business model for only USD1,750 (S$2,500) a month. This allows you to fly as many times as you want on certain routes — perfect for ultra-frequent fliers who shuttle back and forth within the country multiple times a week. Besides, private jets are a great place for professional networking.

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Red carpet treatment

Flying private isn’t your automatic ticket to VIP events, but it could be; you just need to choose wisely. Certain private jet companies partner with or sponsor sporting events so you get exclusive VIP treatment at the games. You’ll be sitting in a VIP box — away from a massive crowd of 170,000 — thanks to Sentient Jet, which sponsors the C.V Whitney Cup at the International Polo Club Palm Beach and Kentucky Derby, while NetJets will have you within a few metres’ radius of Warren Buffett and other billionaires at its poker tournament.

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Get Fancy

While private jets may be a luxury many can’t afford in their lifetime, some services have found a way to make them even more luxurious, and it’s all in the details. Crystal Luxury Air brought the decadence of its ships’ penthouse to the air by furnishing the Bombardier Global Express in a similar style. NetJets’ Signature Series includes coffee from Keurig, lavish interiors and upgraded in-flight entertainment. But perhaps the most extravagant of them all: A flight via VistaJet will see catering from the famous Nobu restaurant on Christofle tableware, served by flight attendants dressed in Moncler. Oh, and you won’t be subject to typical stale cabin air; the cabin is fragranced courtesy of niche French perfume house Le Labo.

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Better together

Sometimes, your ticket to flying to the world’s most breathtaking destinations is only a hotel booking away. Luxury hotels and resorts recognise that some guests’ specific lifestyles require equally specific travel options. Taj Air sees a young fleet of private jets that operate under the Taj Hotels & Palaces name to provide easy vacationing around the country and its properties. Four Seasons might not have its own fleet, but it has partnered with TAG Aviation for trips on board a 757. Meanwhile, Crystal Air’s 12-guest flagship Bombardier Global Express XRS will bring you to its yacht, riverboats and cruise ships hassle-free.

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