One of the biggest reasons people travel is to experience everything the world has to offer — in all its kooky, wonderful glory. Even if it means taking part in festivals that involve throwing moose droppings at unsuspecting passers-by, taking a flight to the moon, or having tea with giraffes. When it comes to things you do on your travels, nothing is too unusual or crazy.

Add delectable cuisine and unusual settings into the mix, and you’ll have some out-of-the-world dining experiences. Examples include having dinner perched on top of a forest canopy or below a gushing waterfall — instead of settling for yet another hipster chic restaurant with nature-inspired interiors.

From being hoisted up 50 metres above the ground with unparalleled views of Monte-Carlo to enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime meal under a waterfall, these crazy culinary concepts prove that dining experiences don’t have to be confined to traditional restaurant settings. Go forth and take your travel adventures to whole new heights (literally) with these unusual, out-of-the-world dining experiences around the globe.

(Featured image: Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky, Monaco

Take your dining experiences to greater heights with Dinner in the Sky, where you get to enjoy a fancy dinner prepared by some of the world’s finest Michelin-starred chefs 30 metres above the Principality of Monaco.

Held from 7 to 16 July 2017, the concept originated in Belgium and has traversed the skies of 45 countries, including Australia,  Malaysia, Japan, Dubai, South Africa, and Mexico. Talk about giving rooftop restaurants a run for their money.

Sarastro, London

Ever dreamt of being in a classic movie set in the Roaring Twenties? At Sarastro Restaurant in London, it’s exactly that: You get to savour your three-course dinner while the band plays, opera singers serenade you, and waiters dance.

Located along Drury Lane, Sarastro is the place to go to if you want to indulge in sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine in a decadent setting, complete with flamboyant live performances.

Treepod dining at Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

Soneva Kiri Resort takes eco-conscious dining to a literal whole new level. The resort in Thailand offers a treepod dining experience, where you’ll be seated in a bamboo pod and hoisted up into the tropical canopy of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest. Food and drinks are served by your personal waiter, who arrives on a zip line.

Awe-inspiring views of the unspoilt Koh Kood Island combined with great service and organically-sourced ingredients make for the perfect environmentally sustainable dining experience.

The Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines

If you’re not a thrill-seeker whose goal in life is to jump off the world’s tallest waterfalls, we’re with you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy Mother Nature’s wonders, though. Maybe take it down a notch (or two) and dine under a gushing waterfall instead.

At the Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant, one of the highlights of Villa Escudero in the Philippines, you get to enjoy a traditional Filipino buffet lunch, while soaking your feet in the shallow running water. That definitely makes for a relaxing experience.

La Bodega Negra, Soho

Stepping into the entrance of La Bodega Negra, one would never think it’s a popular Mexican restaurant. Disguised as a sex shop in the middle of Soho, La Bodega Negra is a basement restaurant — and happens to be a celeb hotspot for tacos and tequila.

We advise not bringing your parents, though.

Robot Restaurant, Japan

As mind-blowing as all the other dining experiences on this list are, nothing can beat Japan’s eccentrically conceptualised Robot Restaurant. When it comes to crazy anything, the Land of the Rising Sun definitely outdoes itself.

Let’s get this straight — the famed Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku is less about culinary experiences and more about its quirky, neon-lit, and high-tech live performances that include parades, boxing matches and dances featuring robots. Unsurprisingly, its unusual highlights have put it on many a bucket list. The 90-minute show encapsulates everything we love about Japan’s penchant for the bizarre.

Dewi Nurjuwita
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