Taking part in road trips is always a good idea, no matter where you are. While many can partake in road trips around Malaysia, it really isn’t the same thing, especially when other countries offer a different climate alongside breathtaking views. But if you’re looking for the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank, here are the very best road trips in Australia.

Now you may be wondering, what can Australia offer? In a nutshell, much more than one can possibly imagine. Australia is very high up on the list alongside New Zealand to having one of the best scenic routes ever. This is due to its expansive landscape, which offers you a different look to what Australia is like besides its sprawling cities.

While driving takes much longer than an actual flight, some of the sights Australia has to offer overshadow the scenery you will get from a bird’s eye view. It’s time to swap out the boarding pass for a road map; here are the very best road trips in Australia for your next great adventure.