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Airstream’s new RV will revolutionise your road trip experience

The mention of Airstream easily evokes nostalgic memories of going out on camping trips. Indeed, since the first campervan by the recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer was built in 1929 by founder Wally Byam in California, the iconic silver bullet has been a typical sight on roads and campgrounds all over the world.

With the rise of experiential travel and unique experiences, the Airstream has recently become more synonymous with luxury. Just take a look at this super luxed up RV, which has been converted into an Airbnb elevated 1,400 feet high up Hollywood Hills.

The RV gets a fancy makeover.

While the iconic classic model is often seen in vintage postcards and even movies, the legendary RV manufacturer’s latest model might just change the road trip experience as we know it. Called the Globetrotter, the S$136,000 vehicle is an ode to Byam’s European road trip, which he took almost 70 years ago.

Back then, he drove around in an Airstream adorned with the words ‘Globe Trotters’ at the side, thus inspiring the name of the new model.

The iconic aluminium body of RV was built to last.

A key feature that sets the Airstream apart from other RVs in the market, is its striking aluminium body. The exterior of the vehicle is made from a high quality “aircraft grade” aluminium alloy insulated and riveted over a steel frame. Not compromising on quality, each RV also requires a lot more labour to assemble it, with each rivet put in by hand to ensure a perfect seal and to avoid damage to the frame.

Its all-metal construction also means that an Airstream RV is extremely durable — almost similar to that of WWII era aircrafts.

The RV features large windows that allow natural light to fill the room.

And while the exterior of Airstream’s newest 27-foot model closely resembles that of its predecessors’, its contemporary interiors are a different story. Designed in collaboration with UK firm Astheimer Limited, the Globetrotter’s interiors feature European touches, marked by clean and contoured lines worthy of a swanky condo apartment in a cosmopolitan city. Additionally, the RV also features large windows that allow natural light to fill its space, and of course, treating you to all-encompassing views of the vast panoramas on the road.

The Globetrotter also allows users to indulge in the complete road trip experience, which includes cooking on the road. It is equipped with a fully functioning kitchenette and is fixed with Corian countertops, an oversized stainless steel sink, as well as spacious overhead storage cabinets to keep unnecessary items out of sight. Its fittings are customisable and you can choose from high-quality wood finishes, with a choice of walnut or elm finishes, and four colour palettes in blue, cream, grey, or slate.

We’ve never seen road trippin’ as luxurious and stylish as this.

Airstream’s new RV will revolutionise your road trip experience

Dewi Nurjuwita

Senior Writer

Dewi Nurjuwita is a travel and design writer who can be found exploring the streets of foreign cities with passport in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.


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