Seoul may be the go-to city for holidaymakers in South Korea, but an increasing amount of travellers are venturing to Busan, the country’s second-largest city down south.

The port city is home to rolling hills, stunning seaside views and amazing seafood, a vastly different landscape from the urban lights from Seoul. South Korea’s cafe culture is well and alive, and Busan is no exception. Glistening beaches, soft sea breeze and unique architectural designs set the scene for your cups of joe, so make sure to whip out your cameras while you’re at it.

No one cafe is the same as the other, and we put together a compressed guide to the best cafes to visit on your next trip to Busan.

Jocelyn Tan
Jocelyn Tan is a travel and design writer. She's probably indulging in serial killer podcasts or reading one too many books on East Asian history. When she actually gets to travel, you can find her attempting to stuff her entire wardrobe into her luggage. Yes, she's a chronic over-packer.