“The perfect vacation” are three words that often elude excited holiday-goers who, while determined to make the most of their time in a new country, often find themselves overwhelmed with the anxiety of not being able to check out their bucket list. For this, Capella Hotels & Resorts have crafted the perfect solution with Capella Curates, a curated service that allows guests to see the city — even their own — with new eyes.

Now masters at the art of hospitality, Capella Hotels & Resorts have been synonymous for not only occupying some of the most prized and historic destinations, but also for its intimate service. Capella Curates is an extension of the brand’s quest for details, and the range of on and off-site experiences at every property is testament to that. 

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Each thoughtfully designed by Capella Culturists, the exclusive experiences allow guests a glimpse into the soul of the destination. At Capella Singapore, for example, there’s ‘Qi & the City’, an exclusive tour that takes guests through our architecture’s fascinating Fengshui principles in vintage sidecars. The route encompasses major landmarks — think Marina Bay Area, Singapore Flyer, Art Science Museum, and even through Haji Lane — so you can expect to not only learn some pretty interesting trivia, but also stop for plenty of photo ops. 

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Another favourite is ‘A Walk with Nature’, which is essentially a guided tour through Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. Before you let memories of sweaty field trips come flooding back in, this tour isn’t just a mere walk in the park, but a rare insight into the world’s only tropical garden that made the UNESCO list.

Here, you’ll learn about everything from the park’s efforts in preserving integral plant varietals, to the rubber tree’s significance in Singapore. You’ll catch a glimpse of the 200-year-old Tembusu tree which made the back of our current five dollar note, and then find out that there are more than half a dozen ginger variants throughout the park. Singapore’s colonial past is also explored here via the gazebos and structures, and the tour ends with a light picnic on the garden’s picturesque grounds.

At Capella Ubud, this service is suitably more inspired by local Balinese culture. Nestled amidst the untouched beauty of Bali’s luscious rainforest, the tropical hideaway offers programs catered specifically to guests looking to detach themselves from the bustle of city life. ‘Confined to Quarters’ is one of its highlights. The 24-hour session allows guests to spend the day in total solitude within their Bill Bensley-designed tent.

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Those keen for a little adventure will enjoy the sunrise trek up the sacred Mount Batur — where a lavish picnic accompanies dramatic views of the valley and villages below. Meanwhile, the artistically-inclined will enjoy painting at the Keliki Art School in the village, where Hindu-influenced artwork is greatly revered. 

In Düsseldorf, Capella Breidenbacher Hof takes advantage of the city’s rich agriculture for its local culinary tour. Led by Chef Philipp, the tour takes guests on an exclusive walk through the famous “Gut Diepensiepen” farm, which had been handpicked to supply the urban resort with produce. Getting your hands dirty is only the start; you’ll also learn how to prepare the traditional Himmel & Äähd (Heaven & Earth) dish at a cooking class with Chef Philipp after.

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There are few establishments that know how to create enviable Instagrammable moments like Capella does, but if you’d like to take this a step further there’s Capella Shanghai’s ‘Print, Shoot, Retouch’ Capella Curates experience. The Capella Culturist team here has engaged professional photographer Mr. Wang for this masterclass, which will see him not only impart photography skills, but also let in on the city’s best kept secrets. Expect to meander through traditional shikumen terraced houses and classic art deco buildings, before stopping at the best spots to capture the famous skyline. 

Not all the experiences are for the adults though. When Capella Bangkok opens later this year on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River, its littlest guests will experience a little taste of authentic Thai culture with ‘Little Monks’, a program designed to evoke mindfulness from a young age. 

Capella Curates is a curated treasure trove of experiences that make travelling truly fuss-free. Its Culturists aren’t just personal concierges; they’re all well-versed in the community that they reside within, and are armed with a wealth of information to make sure you get the most out of your trip as possible.

Perhaps the perfect vacation exists after all.


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