The French Alps bring to mind glorious mountain ranges, powder soft snow fall and cosy log cabins to sip on egg nog and mulled wine. This is one of the spots where well-heeled Europeans holiday and there’s certainly no lack of swish accommodations boasting breath-taking views.

In France, where there are glamorous resorts, there will be quality restaurants. Just ask Jeremy Gillon, the executive chef of Audace Bar & Restaurant at Wanderlust Hotel who spent a good bulk of his career working in restaurants at the French Alps. “The place is very diverse,” he explains. “One common thing that most restaurants share is that they offer diners an out-of- the-ordinary experience because of the setting and atmosphere unlike restaurants one can find in the cities.”

Chef Jeremy Gillon with his collection of Alpine herbs which he uses in his restaurant here.

Aside from the atmosphere, the restaurants of French Alps also rely on the small producers that make a living on the bounty of the land. After years of working in the region, chef Jeremy has amassed a sizeable network of 80 of these artisans ranging from cheesemakers to Alpine herb foragers — many of these ingredients have found their way into his menu here in Singapore.

Yet there’s nothing quite like getting close to the source. From an establishment owned by one of France’s best chefs to communal dining spots where the food is as warm as the company, chef Jeremy offers up his personal list of restaurants to check out if you’re holidaying in the area.