Two-thirds of the world are now mobile phone owners and more than four billion people are on the Internet, according to global creative agency WeAreSocial. In this day and age, everything has gone digital. Books are switched up for Kindles, handwritten letters are scrapped for quick text messages or a nifty Snapchat, and instead of talking, we update our personal social media pages instead.

Finding quiet time alone is becoming a harder task to achieve each day, with pings or pop-ups buzzing our phones at any second. True silence seems verily impossible, so much so that in order to attain it, we have to buy that privilege by signing up for silent retreats.

A silent retreat is a meditation-based voyage that typically lasts for 10 days in green or mountainous landscapes, where any form of verbal communication and technology use is banned. It also usually involves abstinence from vices, technology and meat.

Such silent retreats may not necessarily appeal to everyone, but they have become a popular alternative to an ordinary beach vacation. By distancing travellers from city life and untethering 24/7 digital connections, these retreats aim to help guests achieve relaxation and a state of peace.

Celebrities like Emma Watson and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen have enrolled themselves in these intense courses, to recharge and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. If a silent retreat sounds right up your alley, read on about four possible locations to consider if you want to get away from the madding crowd.