Going overseas may be a possibility again as Singapore is potentially looking to reopen its borders and lift travel restrictions.

In light of growing safety concerns in March, Singapore announced that it would not allow short-term visitors to enter or transit through the country. This measure only allowed the entry and return of work pass holders (and their dependents) for those in essential services such as in healthcare and transport. All Singaporeans entering the country had to adhere to a two-week stay-home notice.

It has been two months since, and Singapore has announced that it will gradually reopen its borders with safeguards in place to allow Singaporeans to conduct essential activities abroad and for foreigners to enter and transit through the country. 

According to the Ministry of Health: “We will do so in a careful manner with the necessary precautions and safeguards,” while the assessment and lifting border restrictions will be dealt with “separately from the three broad phases of reopening.”

Apart from reopening, Singapore is also in discussion with other countries on whether travel restrictions can be lifted with safeguards in place.

singapore reopen borders
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National Development Minister and co-chair of Singapore’s COVID-19 multi-ministry task force, Lawrence Wong said: “If there are sufficient precautions such as COVID-19 testing before departure or upon arrival, Singapore is prepared to work bilaterally with countries and regions that are ready to put in place such safety measures.”

Several aspects will be taken into consideration regarding this arrangement. According to Wong, this includes the infection rates in countries, the types of precautions in place, the effectiveness of infection control and safe distancing measures, as well as the countries’ testing regimes.

There is no exact date as to when travel can resume just yet and to what countries, though the potential does offer some hope of seeing a nation beyond our own again amidst a globally claustrophobic climate.

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