The transition from winter to spring is one of the most intriguing, where powder-white landscapes make way for colourful pastures that are awash in blushes and orange hues of blooming flowers. Additionally, spring also boasts the perfect weather for most people, with climates that rise slightly during the day but stay cool at night due to the moderating effect of the ocean temperature. Which makes it the perfect in-between period to travel to destinations that may be too cold in winter or scorching hot in summer.

A mention of spring destinations may call to mind sakura season in Japan. While booking yet another flight to Korea or Japan for a hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) may be tempting, spring also makes the perfect opportunity to plan other activities such as whale-watching, tulip-viewing or yachting in Monaco — the options are endless.

So go ahead, plan your next adventure at these destinations you should jet off to this spring.