Let’s face it, planning a trip can be such a drag sometimes. Especially with hectic schedules and back-to-back work meetings, the last thing on your mind is to curate a to-do list before your vacation. Booking flights, finding the best five-star hotel, planning your itinerary — the list goes on.

Sometimes, all you want is to just pack your bags and hop on a plane for a short getaway to refuel — without the inconvenience of trip planning. In such situations, it’s almost tempting to simply spin a globe, choose a destination at random, and jet off. This is where surprise travel comes in.

Much like picking your destination right off the globe, surprise travel is a concept which involves bespoke travel planners planning a whole trip itinerary for you — and only disclosing the details to you right before you fly. We don’t know about you, but we think this is the perfect vacation for travel junkies and those suffering from a severe case of wanderlust.

For a spontaneous trip with minimal planning, check out these surprise travel services for your next vacation.

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Pack Up + Go

Based in the US, Pack Up + Go focuses on long-weekend itineraries to domestic destinations. All you have to do is set a budget and fill out a survey regarding your travel preferences and duration, and the team behind Pack Up + Go will take care of the rest.

An itinerary (which includes a city guide) will be put together by the team and sent to you via an envelope. All you have to do, is go to the designated location at the given time and open your envelope.


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Brown + Hudson

This luxury international travel company, which crafts extremely personalised trips, offers an itinerary option called “Journey with no destination.” It is based on the increasing demand for authentic travel, where the destination depends on the reasons you choose to travel.

The process starts with an in-depth interview that reveals your passions, motivations, and needs. Brown + Hudson will then tap on its global network of locals, experts, dignitaries, and journalists, to concoct some behind-the-scenes experiences. Depending on the trip you’re taking, the details will then be revealed to you in a creative way.


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This homegrown start-up is an online travel booking service born out of its founders’ passion for travelling. All you have to do is pick a budget, desired date, and a preferred holiday style — adventure, getaway or experience. A customised travelogue will then be mailed to you, which include trip details and S$30 in your destination’s currency, which will suffice before you find a money changer or ATM.

For an indulgent weekend, we recommend choosing the luxury option, where your accommodation will be in a highly reviewed hotel or Airbnb.


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Lufthansa Surprise

Lufthansa Airlines has hopped onboard the surprise travel train and launched Lufthansa Surprise, which helps you book a flight to an unknown destination.

The airlines offer nine different categories with include bromance, partying, cities, sightseeing and culture, gourmet cuisine, nature, romance, shopping, and sun and sand. Flights depart from Frankfurt or Munich Airport.


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Magical Mystery Tours

As the name suggests, Magical Mystery Tours specialises in mystery trips. All you need to do is provide the agency with your desired travel dates, budget, and complete a travel survey with as many additional parameters as you feel comfortable.

One week before departure, the company will send you a weather report for your destination, and a sealed packet several days later, which you are encouraged to only open at the airport.


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Dewi Nurjuwita
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