Some people travel to find the greater meaning in life, and some treat Ginza or Fifth Avenue as their playground while they snag the latest releases from the most anticipated collaborations. However, a relaxing escapade that never gets old is one where you can spend all day just lounging on the warm, inviting sands of Bali’s beaches, cocktail in hand. That’s one getaway we wish we could indulge in every weekend, to be honest.

While most of us are already familiar with the island’s world-renowned beach clubs like Ayana’s Rock Bar and Potato Head Beach Club, travelling is all about trying out new experiences — and what’s the fun of a beach holiday when you have to wait half a day to get a lounger by the pool?

Bali creates the perfect atmosphere to explore beyond your comfort zone too, especially with the numerous beach clubs opening on its shores over the past year. Whether it’s the bustling and trendy Seminyak or the more serene Uluwatu, these new beach clubs in Bali are the ones to check out the next time you’re there on a beach vacation.