North Korea is unlike any other destination. The government currently adopts the political ideology of Juche which roughly translates to “self-reliance”. Its central tenet is that the nation must remain isolated and dependent only on the guidance and strength of their “Supreme Leader”.

Yet a morbid fascination with the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ spurs many travellers around the world to visit. In fact, this dictatorial nation surprisingly plays host to some 100,000 visitors a year — all of whom are looking to catch a glimpse of a country still trapped in Soviet-era politics. A trip here would grant immense bragging rights, but take note of two huge compromises: Singaporean travellers who have visited DPRK since March 2011 would not be eligible for the visa-waiver to the United States and entry is only by way of a guided tour. Here, we spotlight the different tours to North Korea that can take you into the Hermit Kingdom — from short day trips to culinary affairs giving you a taste of what North Koreans eat.