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This is the best capital city of Europe for travellers

Many capitals of European countries are famous tourist destinations as well. From architecture and cultural experiences to food and entertainment, these cities have a lot to offer for every kind of traveller. And a latest survey by VisaGuide.World has revealed the best city in Europe for 2023, which can help you narrow down the ones that should definitely be on your must-visit list.

According to the survey, tourists focus on how the country they are visiting treats them after the pandemic instead of just emphasising on sightseeing.

The research took into account the things that travellers value the most in Europe. For this, the company surveyed 1,200 people from 32 nations and found that they value feeling welcomed and safe when they visit an unfamiliar nation. Additionally, it’s important for tourists to be able to communicate with locals at hotels, restaurants, streets and other places without using an app or translator.

More about the survey and the best capital cities of Europe for tourists

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Visaguide.World has compiled the list of European capital cities and ranked them across parameters such as safety, friendliness, non-native English proficiency and prices, among others. And Amsterdam has beaten popular capitals such as Paris and London.

Here’s the list of the top 10 capital cities in Europe and their overall scores:

  1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (30.2)
  2. Rome, Italy (24.3)
  3. Zagreb, Croatia (O23.7)
  4. London, the UK (23.5)
  5. Lisbon, Portugal (23.3)
  6. Madrid, Spain (22.9)
  7. Prague, Czech Republic (22.0)
  8. Paris, France (20.2)
  9. Berlin, Germany (17.2)
  10. Vienna, Austria (16.7)

What makes Amsterdam the best capital city in Europe?

The city might be popular for its cannabis smoking, but it doesn’t end there. Amsterdam has several World War II memorials, including the house Anne Frank and her family hid in. This, combined with a high percentage of English speakers and friendly locals has helped the city grab the top spot. Additionally, Amsterdam is more affordable than cities such as London and Paris, with tourists spending around EUR 315 in a week there against EUR 435 in London, or EUR 490 in Paris.

Amsterdam is also relatively safe, with a low rate of crime, internal conflicts, natural disasters and political instability, adds the report.

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Hero and featured image credit: Nastya Dulhiier/Unsplash

This is the best capital city of Europe for travellers

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