Dubai may be extravagant, but Monaco has been doing it for a much longer time. This sovereign city-state in the French Riviera has been attracting the wealthy since the mid-1800s, with the 1920s being one of the most glamorous periods of time to visit. Perhaps that’s why luxury hotels in Monaco are equally as extravagant.

Most people will recognise Monaco for three things: the annual Monaco Grand Prix held on the Circuit de Monaco, the many casinos there, and the annual Monaco Yacht Show. The city attracts so many wealthy people that a study found one in three people living there are millionaires. It also probably comes to no surprise that the city has no income tax. In tandem with this amount of wealthy denizens are luxury activities to be done in Monaco. Monte Carlo, for instance, is a world-renowned gambling spot for some of the wealthiest people in the world.

It also helps that the weather is mild all year round, which means you can visit nearly any time of the year and it won’t be sweltering or freezing. Besides going to the beach, you can also dine on fresh seafood, Michelin-starred restaurants, and party at Jimmy’z, the locally popular night club where big names such as Leonardo DiCaprio being part of its guest list.

Of course, while doing all that you should be staying at one of these luxury hotels in Monaco: