The kelong — essentially a wooden platform built offshore to farm fish — is a common fixture in maritime Southeast Asia. The setup, often built in isolation with expansive views of the sea is well-primed for luxury, and that’s something Banyan Tree has picked up for its newest offering, the Kelong Villa.

The accommodation is part of Banyan Tree Bintan, and is an open air stilted platform located 250 metres from Laguna Bintan. It will be the ultimate luxury digital detox as it’s flanked by nothing else but the sea and no wifi to keep out all distractions.

Access will be via pokchai — a motorised wooden boat which will also be used to hand-deliver the property’s culinary offerings. Lunch can be had in a nearby village or by the beach while dinner will be served on a woven mat for a traditional family-style Lesehan dinner with Indonesian dishes like ayam bakar (charcoal grilled chicken) or bebek betutu (roast duck).

Decor-wise, the space is inspired by traditional Indonesian architecture as the entire villa is built in rustic comfort. There’s a rain shower and double sinks to get your skincare regime on and bedding of silk and buckwheat to rest at the end of the day.

If you’ve ever needed a sanctuary coupled with sustainability without sacrificing the frills of luxury, you’ve found your answer.
The Kelong Villa is available for bookings from 15 July 2019. For more information, head to

Azimin Saini
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