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Banyan Tree Group to debut its trendy Dhawa property in Phuket

We all have fantasies of being able to live in a resort or have a holiday home-away-from-home that doesn’t require renovation from scratch. The satisfaction of that fantasy is something the Banyan Tree Group’s Dhawa properties aim to achieve. The Dhawa brand offers resort-style living and leisure for both travellers and keen potential residents looking to own a home abroad. First launched in Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba, Dhawa is now slated to debut in Phuket, marking its first entrant into Southeast Asia.

banyan tree dhawa phuket
Dhawa Phuket.

Dhawa Phuket is all about design-forward living. 390 one- or two-room studio apartments will be spread out across the three low-rise buildings that comprise the development, and each is designed to look like an urban resort, with colourful accents for flair.

dhawa phuket
A look inside one of the apartments.

Function goes hand-in-hand with form in these compact spaces, as every unit comes equipped with bedrooms, kitchens, living and dining nooks, an ensuite bathroom, as well as a private balcony.

What really sells this Dhawa premise is its address, situated at the doorstep of Laguna Phuket, the Banyan Tree Group’s award-winning integrated resort. Stunning views of the aquamarine Andaman sea are just the tip of the iceberg — homeowners and guests also get to utilise facilities at the adjacent resorts, including The Clubhouse, with its infinity pool, and the electric Xana Beah Club. Boat Avenue, Phuket’s massive street mall, is a five-minute drive away as well, so you’re never too far from entertainment and good food.

dhawa phuket
Dhawa Phuket from above.

Bangkok has already secured a reputation as one of the most popular vacation destinations for Singaporeans, but Phuket, with its picturesque beaches, is slated to stand on the same foot as well. The opening of Dhawa Phuket in 2021 is set to anchor the island as more than a vacation favourite in Thailand, but a viable site to secure your holiday home too.

Interested Singaporean buyers can visit the property showcase from 4 to 5 August at Hilton Singapore, held between 11am to 6pm.

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