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Boutique hotel chain The Standard is set to debut in Singapore

Having cracked Europe (London, Lisbon in 2024 and Brussels in 2025), The Standard has its sights fixed on Asia in the next few years.

The hotel group recently announced Singapore as its latest destination in Southeast Asia, following The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon, which will open in 2022, and The Standard, Hua Hin in November 2021. The Singapore outpost, developed by real estate investment company Invictus Developments, will open in 2023.

The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives (Image: CPCreatives)

For the uninitiated, The Standard is anything but standard (the brand’s logo is an inverted typeface of its name). The New York mainstay is known for its hip, irreverent sensibility and on-the-verge-of-a-party vibe, combined with sleek design, top-of-the-line hospitality and excellent dining. We’d expect to see a crowd of people who describe themselves as “creatives” at the premises when it opens.

Rendering of The Standard, Singapore

Popping up just across Shangri-La Singapore, The Standard, Singapore on Orange Grove Road will feature 143 rooms, an arts and cultural programming, along with an infinity pool and pool bar set within a lush botanical courtyard. The new property also takes into consideration Singapore’s Green Plan, the national agenda on sustainable development, by offering a playful sanctuary for the neighbourhood.

The rooftop at The Standard, London

“Singapore is a culturally rich and dynamic city that is ready to embrace the creativity and personality of The Standard,” says Standard International CEO Amar Lalvani. “Singapore has emerged into an incredibly important and innovative hub in Asia and we couldn’t be more excited about this development. New hotel licenses in the city are rare and highly coveted and we feel very fortunate to partner with Invictus Developments to bring this project to life.”

Visit The Standard’s website and follow @thestandard for more information.

This story first appeared on Prestige Singapore.