Fashion expert and stylist Leaf Greener tells us all about the highlights from her recent trip to Phuket. To learn more about other experiences in Phuket, check out our special collaboration with Rosewood Phuket.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in fashion and the way an outfit, an interesting pattern, or a visually striking colour palette can evoke emotions — whether it’s creating joy, excitement, sadness or longing. As a style editor, I often travel for work and I’m constantly looking to be stimulated by my surroundings, to find bursts of creativity and inspiration in the environment and people around me.

While my job sees me travelling most often to bustling cosmopolitan hubs such as Paris, Milan, London and New York, I recently felt like a more relaxing trip was in order — somewhere fully immersed in nature where I could reset my mind and body after months of travelling non-stop for social events and various Fashion Weeks. It turns out the newly opened Rosewood Phuket in Thailand was exactly what I needed to recover — a place where I could fully relax, unplug, and find new inspiration in a beautiful change of scenery.

Rosewood Phuket Leaf Greener
Exploring the beach on Emerald Bay.

For someone like me who doesn’t get to be stationary in one place for very long, what I look for most in a holiday resort is somewhere that can feel immediately like a second home — a place where I can kick off my shoes and be completely at leisure. This was exactly how I felt upon entering the Rosewood Phuket, with its spacious, residential feel, and truly hospitable staff.

Upon entering, I was greeted with a cold towel and a refreshing welcome drink; during the speedy check-in process, I took the opportunity to snap pics of the wide lobby with its spacious lounge terrace overlooking the beach and the sparkling ocean beyond. As I entered my oceanfront villa, I immediately felt like I had arrived home — in fact, the first thing I did was to kick off my shoes and fall back on the plush, king-sized bed with a happy sigh of relief. The afternoon was spent lounging on the sofa while reading coffee table books and magazines provided in the living room area, enjoying a soothing cup of tea, and taking a dip in my private pool.

Rosewood Phuket Leaf Greener
Posing in the private outdoor tub.

What I loved most about the room is the way that it captures a modern, comfortable residential feel while still incorporating the local culture and Thai influences. From the gorgeous textiles used to the colourfully patterned pillows and the hand-carved wooden furniture, there is a strong sense of place without sacrificing modern comfort and amenities. The plush furnishings are all crafted from natural materials, and blend seamlessly into the abundant natural light to complete the posh beach residence feel.

After taking a long nap, it was time to explore my surroundings, starting with a dip in the massive infinity pool surrounded by sun decks and lush tropical landscaping. The tranquil oasis is completed with palm trees and the shimmering bay beyond, where the private beach awaits just steps from the resort’s pool. As I finished my swim, one of the staff members came around with a platter full of sorbets — the coconut one was particularly refreshing after a hot afternoon spent out in the sun. It felt amazing to be completely immersed in the tropical setting, with the tall palms swaying against the brilliant blue sky and private villas peeking out amongst the trees. I couldn’t help but take countless photos while jotting down some styling tips for sprucing up my apartment back in Shanghai!

Rosewood Phuket Leaf Greener
Of course, no trip is complete without a bit of shopping.

I love getting to know each place that I visit, and to let guests experience the local culture, Rosewood Phuket has created different day trips and exclusive tours to the local markets and towns, as well as excursions to nearby islands. The highlight of my trip was definitely my day trip to Old Phuket Town, a charming historical spot that still holds influences of Portuguese architecture and design in the building façades and quaint cafés. From the temples to the bustling markets brimming with colourful clothing and furniture stalls, I absolutely loved taking in the sights and sounds of the town, and my personal guide was helpful in pointing out all the local landmarks and explaining the history of the neighbourhood. My favourite parts included snapping photos of the vibrant town to share on my Instagram, discovering a hidden outdoor shrine nestled in the alleyways, and stopping for some rum and raisin ice cream at Torry’s Ice Cream (a must-try if you find yourself in Phuket Town.)

Between the hours spent lounging around the luxurious resort, and taking in the local sights while exploring Thai culture, my weekend getaway to Rosewood Phuket checked off all the boxes on my list for a restful and restorative getaway. For more highlights from my stay, be sure to check out the video below.