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Where to find a one-of-a-kind wellness experience in Phuket

Lifestyle guru Andrea Chong tells us all about the highlights from her recent trip to Phuket. To learn more about other experiences in Phuket, check out our special collaboration with Rosewood Phuket.

As someone who’s constantly travelling around the world and jetting off from one place to another, I know how hard it can be to stay healthy and live a balanced lifestyle when dealing with a busy schedule. In fact, when I recently visited Phuket, I was feeling completely under the weather and not at all like my best self. I thought I’d have to spend the weekend in bed recovering from my hectic travels rather than enjoying the beautiful scenery around me.

That’s why I’ll never forget my time at Asaya, the new wellness centre where I made an appointment during my stay at Rosewood Phuket. I’ve checked in to a lot of hotels and tried many spas all over the world, but this was something completely different to what I’ve experienced before. From the moment I entered Asaya and wandered through the lush, fragrant herb garden that surrounds its treatment rooms, I knew this was no typical spa – I guess this is why they called it a new wellness platform!

Exploring the herb garden at Asaya.

What impressed me most was how deeply personal my experience felt. I started out with a consultation from the resident wellness expert, Steve. Based on my symptoms, he recommended a treatment that wouldn’t be too rough on me, which is exactly what I needed. We then went around the garden to handpick an assortment of herbs to be used in my massage, which is something I’ve never done before. Next, we entered Asaya’s wellness atelier and I chopped the herbs and other ingredients to create a revitalising mixture for my treatment, and it felt great knowing that all of the ingredients were fresh and organic.

I really loved the attention to detail at Asaya, in everything from the textures and the oils to the materials and the design – everything is very pleasing. Once I had changed into a robe, I entered the peaceful treatment room and had my feet washed. Then I slipped into the plush bed and fell into deep relaxation during my massage. I’ll never forget the amazing scent of the herbal mixture I had created myself!

Organic ingredients are used to make scrubs for body treatments.

As much as I loved the massage, the highlight of Asaya experience was definitely my one-on-one tapping session with Steve, who has decades of expertise and has even worked with Hollywood celebrities in the past. We had a very personal conversation, and as a result, he was able to heal me and release some of my emotional blockages, helping me to feel much calmer and forget all about feeling fatigued.

Just like Steve, the entire staff at Rosewood Phuket is so warm and hospitable – they just make you feel at home. After my healing experience at Asaya, I found that I felt much better overall and was able to better enjoy my time at the resort. That meant I was able to mix up fresh mocktails at Mai, take swims in the beautiful pools and enjoy walks on the beach facing Emerald Bay, which has got to be the most peaceful stretch of sand on the entire island.

Enjoying a peaceful moment in one of Asaya’s relaxation areas.

Though my trip only lasted for a brief weekend, I’ll never forget the experience, and I’m already looking forward to the next time I can return (if I can fit it into my busy schedule, that is). Check out the highlights from my stay Rosewood Phuket in the video below.