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Hoshinoya Guguan set to open in the hot spring region of Taichung

Hoshino Resorts will open its first Taiwanese property in Guguan, a resort located in the hot spring region in the suburbs of Taichung. This also marks the second overseas outpost of the Hoshinoya brand, following Hoshinoya Bali in Ubud.

Slated to open on 30 June 2019, Hoshinoya Guguan will be the first luxury hot spring resort established by the brand in Taiwan. Perched above a breeze-filled valley northwest of Taichung, the destination appears to float amid the surrounding valleys. The resort will utilise the abundance of hot spring water and topography of a valley surrounded by mountains.

The 50 guest rooms are housed in a building with a clean exterior of glass and wood latticework, perfectly blending with the surrounding scenery. Most accommodation options are the maisonette-type with a hot spring floor. There is a living area and bedroom on one level and the bath area on another. The living area is flanked by floor-to-ceiling glass windows that boasts breathtaking mountain views. These windows are also designed for wind to pass through, so guests can experience a private hot spring with a refreshing breeze, even during hot seasons.
A highlight of each room is the semi-open-air bath, where guests can enjoy water flowing directly from the natural source of the hot spring at any time. In fact, the baths at Hoshinoya Guguan are supplied with soft low-alkaline, naturally carbonated hot spring waters that provide a wealth of skincare benefits.
(Image credit: Hoshinoya Guguan)

In line with the brand’s origins, guests will get to tuck into a selection of food dishes made through the combination of ingredients used in Taiwan and cooking techniques from Japanese cuisine.

The nanbanzuke sturgeon, for instance, is created by briefly deep-frying it in oil, bringing out the umami flavour. The flavour obtained by marinating it in the sour nanban-dare sauce goes exceptionally well with Taiwan’s warm and humid climate.

(Image credit: Hoshinoya Guguan)

Apart from the in-room baths, guests may also use the bath halls, each of which offer an indoor and outdoor bath. The indoor baths are bordered with aromatic cypress, while the outdoor baths feature zigzag layouts that emulate natural formations, enhanced by the seasonal colours of the surrounding scenery.

Additionally, located at the center of its premises is a clear blue pool that emulates a pond deep in the forest. Gazebos line the pool’s perimeter, offering shade and a place to bask in the soothing breezes.

Experience the beautiful Taichung region yourself and book a stay at Hoshinoya Guguan here.


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