The hustle and bustle of city life getting to you? Time to pack up and get reacquainted with nature then. We may be a garden city with trees lining every road and pavement but until the Banyan Tree opens in Mandai, a nature retreat in Singapore isn’t quite a thing yet. Thankfully there’s a new wave of luxurious nature retreats in Malaysia to escape to.

These spots offer seclusion, privacy, and plenty of green scenery to let your eyes drink. Here are our top four picks in Malaysia to soothe your frayed nerves.

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Sekeping Serendah

Get ready to become one with nature at Sekeping Serendah. Located not too far away from the sleepy town of Serendah in Selangor, Sekeping Serendah comprises 10 sheds littered across a five acres tropical rainforest. Curious about what it’s like to spend the night in one of these sheds? The accommodations utilise plenty of glass and steel, giving them a spartan feel that allows them to blend almost seamlessly into its natural surroundings. A word of caution to adventure seekers though: Sekeping Serendah can be considered just a level above camping (the sheds are sometimes referred to as “glorified tents”), so come prepared with insect repellant to ward off the mossies and creepy crawlies.

The Shorea

Wake up to the call of the wild. Located in the Berembun Forest Reserve of Seremban, The Shorea offers nomads a touch of luxury in the wilderness through The Shorea Resort and The Shorea Estate. Each villa for the Resort and Estate draws inspiration from traditional Malay architecture, serving as decadent oases of calm amidst the lush jungle. It’s easy to be captivated by the awe-inducing vistas – but if you’re able to tear your sight away, you’ll find plenty to engage your other senses such as two restaurants and an infinity pool overlooking the hills


Head up north to the Pearl of the Orient for a natural escape on the island. Located on the far flung reaches of Balik Pulau in Penang, Malihom offers a rare escape that combines accommodation utilising elements of traditional Thai architecture and a getaway into the wilderness. Spread across the 40-acre estate are unique one bedroom villas converted from Thai Lanna rice barns of yesteryear (fun fact: these teak barns are now considered part of Thailand’s national heritage). So what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to retreat from the big ol’ smoke and even take a trip down memory lane while you’re at it.


Soar high up the hills of Negeri Sembilan and get ready to be part of the clouds at Awanmulan. The resort’s name says it all; translated as “Mulan’s clouds”, Awanmulan’s very name is a tribute to the owner’s pet dog who’s since passed on. Curious about what staying at Awanmulan is like? Expect early mornings filled with birdsong, stunning views and even jungle trekking opportunities.

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