2019 is all about embracing a more positive mental attitude in our daily lives, but that can be hard when we’re stuck in a concrete jungle. That could all change very soon as the Revivo Wellness Cruise is about to set sail right at our doorstep – specifically around the Indonesian islands.

This isn’t your typical cruise liner with a thousand other passengers invading your personal space, though. Revivo’s Wellness Cruise is an exclusive journey for you and your partner (and up to four of your friends) on your private phinisi. A six-night trip aboard the five-cabin boat will set you back USD72,000, which is still a better deal compared to chartering your own yacht.

Currently, your expedition can take you to the waters of Raja Ampat, Komodo, Banda, Alor, or Kaimana. A typical itinerary on the Komodo journey will take you around the 29 islands of the Komodo National Park starting from Bima, and you’ll finish up at the Komodo Island itself.

revivo wellness cruise
Just cruising around some of the most tranquil waters in the Indonesian archipelago. (Photo: Revivo)

In between sailing the islands, you’ll work through a series of yoga and meditation sessions prepared by a wellness coach that are aimed at improving your holistic health. There are also plenty of other activities that don’t involve a mat, like deep-sea fishing, diving on the seabed of an active volcano, and trekking to see some Komodo dragons up close. Of course, the itineraries are flexible and aren’t set in stone, leaving you to craft the perfect mix between adventure and retrospection.

In keeping up with the theme of a more conscious year, the cruise has also made significant efforts towards sustainability which is in line with Revivo’s brand ethos. Fuel and water tanks on board the cruise are certified to ensure you won’t be smelling any fuel or waste. Freshwater is also available throughout the expedition by way of a sea recovery system.

revivo wellness cruise
There’s more to just wellness on this cruise. (Photo: Revivo)

Should you decide to set sail on the Revivo Wellness Cruise, your only worries (besides knowing the yoga poses and how to breathe underwater) will be remembering to eat your meals. Which are all, by the way, tailor-made to your dietary needs by a nutritionist. You can also choose to end each day with a spa treatment, available once per day for every party.

There’s also the option to add a stay at the Revivo Wellness Retreat in Bali post-cruise, where you can partake in a hybrid golf and pilates programme amongst other holistic treatments. The cruise is only available a couple of times a year due to weather limitations, so you better get to calling Revivo fast.

The Revivo Wellness Cruise starts at USD 72,000 for 2 pax for six nights.


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