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Kickstart your 2020 at Revivo’s New Year Wellness Retreats

As one chapter closes, another begins. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat to spend your first holiday of 2020, here’s something you might like. Revivo’s New Resolutions Retreat is a zen sanctuary specially designed to help guests achieve their 2020 wellness goals.

Here, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the tropics of Nua Dusa, Bali while healing the mind, body, and spirit. Its all-rounder menu of wellness programs includes fitness classes, yoga, spa treatments and even restorative emotional therapies. Revivo’s wellness retreats take a holistic approach so that guests here can achieve mind training and self-awareness.

Image credit: Revivo

Its retreat programs can be tailor-made for individuals with different health concerns or goals in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments, and exercises. Through these few days of visiting experts, local practitioners and professionals, guests will not only be able to path their way to their resolutions but will also be able to carry on their pursues outside of the resort.

Image credit: Revivo

The Revivo New Resolutions Retreat will offer three different options — Vegan Yoga Retreat, Yoga & Ketogenic Retreat, and Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat. The Vegan Yoga Retreat is perfect for those keen on starting a vegan diet and focuses on adjusting guests’ physical, emotional and spiritual harmony by helping them gain insight on their day-to-day routines, diet and wellness rituals like yoga.

Image credit: Revivo

The Yoga & Ketogenic Retreat covers more invigorating exercises like yoga, pilates, swimming and walking while introducing the ketogenic diet. Lastly, the Emotional Balance & Mind Training Retreat allows guests to achieve an optimal state of health and general wellbeing for better channeling of energy.

Ahead of the wellness retreat, guests will have the option to take a DNA test to understand each individual’s unique genetics which will help Revivo in crafting a more effective personalised plan.


Revivo’s New Year Wellness Retreat will be available from 1 January 2020 –  31 March 2020, priced at US$ 650 (S$ 890)  per night per person, US$ 1,000 (S$ 1370) per night per two people with a minimum stay of four nights.