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Soak up the Mediterranean sun in style at these luxury hotels in Capri

As far as islands go, few are as picture-perfect as Capri. The island, located in Italy’s Bay of Naples and off the west end of the Sorrento Peninsula, is famed for its rugged landscapes, lemon groves, and serpentine pathways. Yet you’ll also be hard-pressed to find a grubby building nor a neglected garden. Instead, the rustic villas cascading along the cliffs are dripping with Bougainvillea and wisteria, and its manicured gardens offer a glimpse into the life of the Romans centuries back.

As one of the mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations, Capri has plenty to offer in terms of activities — the Blue Grotto being but one of many — but it is really its offering of luxury hotels that can be credited with transporting the island’s tourists into another world. Here are some of our favourites.

J.K. Place Capri

Surrounded by the sweet wafts of the surrounding olive and lemon trees, J.K. Place Capri is perhaps the best embodiment of Capri’s exquisite refinement and effortless eye for design. The sophisticated property sits high on the water’s edge on the island, close enough to the Marina Grande and Capri Town, but also far enough to escape the bustle when needed. 

Designed by Florentine architect and interior designer Michele Bönan, the traditional manor house retains most of its traditional flair with its heritage furnishings and architecture, but introduces crisp, nautical tones for a more inviting space. Each of the 22 individually-styled rooms reflect the same commitment to quiet glamour, with polished marble bathrooms, handmade mattress toppers and bathtubs that face out onto the sea. 

Lined with lanterns and amber-hued chaise loungers, the pool remains to be one of the best spots to while the time away, as is the waterfront terrace deck, which serves food by JKitchen, one of Capri’s most lauded restaurants now. 


Capri Tiberio Palace

With colourful pops of vintage furniture, random mosaics of tiles and a mish-mash of curios from around the world, Capri Tiberio Palace may well be the most eclectic accommodation you’ll find on the island. Retro flourishes can be found throughout this charming hideaway, which conveniently sits a short stroll away from the famous Piazetta and its many boutiques. 

Playful touches are aplenty here — the bold 1950s-inspired furnishings and artworks contrast the serene views from the terrace, but offers a brand new perspective of the island. To unwind, head down to the hotel’s exclusive Taschen-curated library, or sit back at the quirky indoor-outdoor pool to soak up the Mediterranean sun.


Hotel La Minerva

Located just a stone’s throw away from Capri’s city centre, the tranquil family-run boutique hotel that is La Minerva has captivated tourists with its own brand of charm for years now. Besides being a short walk away from the Gardens of Augustus — from which you’ll spot the dramatic Faraglioni rock formations — the hotel also offers a horizon of the azure Tyrrhenian Sea.

Inside, the 19 rooms are decorated to accentuate Capri in all its splendour. A modern luxury aesthetic is present throughout, but colourful majolica tiles, hand-painted pottery, and ceramic pots lined throughout remind of the building’s rich past. Here, you’ll be inclined to spend most of your days by the intimate lemon tree-lined pool, if you’re not busy exploring the property’s exquisite Mediterranean architecture.  


Capri Palace

The island of Anacapri has no shortages of noteworthy hotels, but Capri Palace sits high amongst the list for many reasons. Built at the foot of Mount Solaro in 1960, the expansive property enjoys panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples and Ischia Island, and boasts the presence of a noble palace with its stone floors, impressive arches and commanding columns.

The past comes to life within its 110 rooms, thanks to details such as the travertine baths and decadent white and gold tones. Those seeking a gastronomical experience on the island will revel in the fact that Capri Palace boasts various restaurants; L’Olivo is a two-Michelin starred establishment that serves up mean Mediterranean cuisine, while Il Riccio is a one-starred locale which sits conveniently close to the well-loved Grotto Azzurra. 


Caesar Augustus

Perched at the top of a cliff in Anacapri is the opulent Caesar Augustus hotel. Dating back to the late 1800s and oozing with history, this 5-star accommodation was once owned by a Russian prince who famously left his motherland before the October Revolution. Its blue-blooded history also includes the time when Prince Emmanuel Bulhak owned the building from the early 1900s till 1940, when it finally turned into a hotel. Now, it’s famous for its statue of Caesar on the hotel’s terrace.

With 49 rooms and six immaculate suites, Caesar Augustus is the only 5-star hotel on the island with views of the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi coast. At 300 metres up, the double level infinity swimming pool offers a jaw-dropping experience for those brave enough to venture towards the edge. Meanwhile, the restaurant offers some of the freshest ingredients on Capri, with its very own garden on hotel grounds.


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