La Prairie - A Tale of Luxury
This holiday season, La Prairie tells the story of the indulgence of caviar in A Tale of Luxury.
La Prairie
[The eternity of platinum] Platinum- brilliant and refined, it is the ultimate emblem of exclusivity, the pinnacle of excellence.
Enigmatic and highly prized, each La Prairie product is a work of art, not just in appearance but in the way it has been conceived and in the manner that it captures the viewer’s imagination. To La Prairie, that is the expression of luxury. “Luxury is our legacy,” says Greg Prodromides, Chief Marketing Officer of La Prairie. “This film tells a story of the unexpected. We are a brand that comes from a place of mystery, of secrecy, of quiet luxury, and we chose to tell our story in a unique, magical way — one that incites the viewer to dream, just as La Prairie does.”

La Prairie - A Tale of Luxury
[The indulgence of caviar] Drawn from the sea where life began, caviar is the essence of raw potential.
He adds, “With this film, we hope to express the values on which that legacy is founded — Swissness certainly, but also heritage, craftsmanship, rarity. In incorporating an inspired and inspiring aesthetic that pays homage to the beauty, the purity, the elegance of our precious ingredients, we feel this film continues the storytelling that began with our brand film — it is the next chapter in the Legend of La Prairie.”

La Prairie - A Tale of Luxury
[The luminosity of white caviar] Encapsulated in precious, exquisite pearls, it exudes an extraordinary power.
Led by Global Creative Director David Naouri, this new film took six months to produce, and features verse written and performed by Ladan Osman. An award-winning Somali-American poet, Osman intentionally emphasised the enchanting ambiguity of the narrator, alluding to ancient and mystical forces at play — as if La Prairie’s scientific heritage is tinged with the divine. Indeed, combined with score, pace and tone, the new film successfully captures pure, heart-rending emotion the way that only great art can. Gilles Esteve, Senior Art Director at La Prairie adds, “the images, colour palette, music, editing — all of these elements come together to express the mystery, the richness, the understated elegance of La Prairie’s four luxury collections.”

La Prairie - A Tale of Luxury
[The opulence of gold] Admired for ages for its flattering glow, gold is the epitome of luxury and splendour.
With this new film, La Prairie once again confirms itself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of art and beauty, and we cannot wait until its next elegant chapter is unveiled.